Hikal laid the foundation for inclusive and sustainable growth since inception.

Social responsibility

Hikal believes that the local community where we operate is a key constituent of growth. Our social responsibility initiative, 'Srijan,' is actively involved in the well-being of underprivileged persons in society. We partner with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in secondary education, skills development, employability and infrastructure development, healthcare, sanitation, environmental sustainability, protection of national heritage, art, and culture.


Hikal has grown without increasing our environmental footprint because we conserve natural resources. Our R&D division drives sustainable growth by implementing solvent recovery processes, photo oxidation, and conventional biological treatment for effluents. It has developed a chemical management system to access a chemicals database for information about safety.


Hikal upholds best practices in plant maintenance and operations to safeguard the health of our professionals. Our employees undergo medical checkups at regular intervals while technicians involved in processes related to chemicals undergo rigorous health tests. Every plant has an in-house health center managed by a medical practitioner and a nurse.


Hikal inculcates safety by running a daily safety campaign, ‘Stop 1 Minute for Safety,’ ensuring safety awareness among plant workers at the beginning of every shift. We also undertake a ‘Passport’ campaign to reward safety measures and penalize laxity on the part of employees.

Our emergency response and crisis management plan ensures that plants are equipped to address unforeseen events. Surprise mock drills are undertaken to ensure preparedness in the event of an emergency.

Hikal is part of the district level crisis group. Our team holds meetings for government officials and industry professionals while our manufacturing plants are showcased by the authorities to demonstrate our safety mechanisms.

Environment Compliance


Jigani Unit - I

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