Animal Health

Hikal offers animal health APIs and intermediates

Animal Health

Hikal develops animal health APIs and intermediates focused on the companion animal segment. We develop products in-house as well as provide contract manufacturing services from GMP-compliant facilities. Apart from synthetic products, Hikal also has a High Potency Products Development Lab based at our Research and Technology (R&T) Center.

Application Product API / Intermediate Status
Anti-tick Afoxolaner Intermediates (R&T)
Anti-tick Fluralaner Intermediates Commercial
Anti-tick Sarolaner Intermediates Commercial
Anti-parasitic Thiabendazole / Tiabendazole API Under commercialization
Analgesic Butorphanol tartrate* API Under commercialization
Anabolic steroid Testosterone propionate API (R&T)
Anabolic steroid Trenbolone acetate API (R&T)
Female sex hormone Estradiol salts API (R&T)
Insecticide Thiamethoxam API (R&T)
NSAID Tolfenamic acid API Under commercialization
  1. Products protected by valid patents are not offered for commercial supply in countries where sale of such products consti tutes a patent infringement. Any reference to patents also includes supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) and / or patent term extension for products protected by those patents.
  2. Proprietary products made against exclusive contract(s) are not included in the above list.
  3. * Hikal has a process patent for the product.